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journal "NEW GLASS"
"NEW GLASS" is published quarterly, and written in Japanese.

Current Issue

Serial No.124 cover photo NEW GLASS
Vol.33 No.2 2018
(Serial No.124)


------- p.1

Hiroshi Suzuki

Feature Articles: Sol-Gel method in conjunction with the glass technology

1) ------- p.3

Hiromitsu Kozuka

2) Sol-Gel derived transparent hybrid films possessing excellent liquid sliding property ------- p.9

Atsushi Hozumi etc.

3) Structurally colored coating films formed with white silica particles and carbon black particles ------- p.13

Kiyofumi Katagiri

4) Types of silane coupling agents and application to glass ------- p.17

Shigeki Yasuda

5) Functional glass with coating formed by sol-gel method ------- p.20

Hideyuki Hirakoso

6) SUFA: transparent thermal insulator ------- p.23

Mamoru Aizawa

Lectures For Newcomer And Leaders

Point defects in silica glass I ------- p.27

Koichi Kajihara

Introduce Research Institute

1) Stay at the Pennsylvania State University ------- p.32

Shin-ichi Amma

2) The experience note of my study abroad for chalcogenide glasses at Universit? de Rennes 1 in France ------- p.35

Misaki Kizu

Topics of Meeting on Glass

1) Report on the 28th Meeting on Glasses for Photonics ------- p.38

Yoshihiro Takahashi

2) Report on the Ceramic Society of Japan Annual Meeting 2018 ------- p.41

Takato Kajihara

3) Simulation Study Group Activity Report ------- p.44

Seiji Fudaba

Introduction of New Glass Products & Production Technology

1) Development of Gradient-Tint Smart Window ------- p.46

Masayoshi Higuchi

2) Development of all-solid-state Na ion battery fabricated with glass ceramic ------- p.49

Fumio Sato

3) Development of Through Glass VIA (TGV) ------- p.51

Taro Miyauchi

Introduction of New Book

Current Status of Sol-Gel Technology ------- p.54

Kazuyoshi Kanamori

Relative Organization

The 8th General Meeting Report ------- p.57

New Glass Forum


The Profile of [Flat Glass Manufacturers Association of Japan] ------- p.59

Shigeaki Moritani