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journal "NEW GLASS"
"NEW GLASS" is published quarterly, and written in Japanese.

Current Issue

Serial No.138 cover photo NEW GLASS
Vol.38 No.1 2023
(Serial No.138)


Glass formation of non-oxides and Zachariasen's rules ------- p.1

Kohei Kadon

Feature Articles: Recycling technology and next-generation battery (total solids battery) from the issue of lithium raw materials

1) Global Lithium Supply-Demand and Price Trends ------- p.3

Mari Nishiumi

2) Ultra-pure Lithium Extraction Technology from Used LIB by Li Separation Method by Ionic Conductor: LiSMIC ------- p.6

Tsuyoshi Hoshino

3) A new separation technique of rare metals using chelating resin for resource recovery from waste lithium batteries ------- p.12

Jiro Kondo etc.

Hiromichi Aono

4) Lithium Recovery from Various Brines ------- p.15

Kazuharu Yoshizuka

5) Development of sodium-ion conducting sulfide electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries ------- p.22

Akitoshi Hayashi etc.

6) Development of All-Solid-State Na-Ion Batteries ------- p.25

Hideo Yamauchi

New Glass Research Topics

1) Report on the 63rd Symposium on Glasses and Photonic Materials ------- p.30

Nobuaki Terakado

New Glass Graduate School Lecture

Relation between compositions and properties of glasses;How compositions of commercialized glasses were fixed ------- p.35

Yukihito Nagashima etc.

Topics of Meeting on Glass

1) Report on the 63rd Symposium on Glasses and Photonic Materials ------- p.40

Nobuaki Terakado

2) Report on the 18th Glass Technology Symposium sponsored by GIC ------- p.43

Jun Endo

3) Report on IYOG 2022 CLOSING CONFERENCE ------- p.46

Tomokatsu Hayakawa

4) Report on the 147th New Glass Forum young member conference as a Special lecture in IYOG 2022 International Year of Glass ------- p.50

Kazuaki Konishi

Relative Organization

Report on the 2023 New Year Gathering of the Glass Industry Conference ------- p.52

New Glass Forum

History of Research Activities

Looking back on my research activities for 50years (part 1) ------- p.57

Yoshinari Miura


Let's imagine the future of human beings in terms of glass manufacturing in the spac ------- p.60

Mikio Nagano