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journal "NEW GLASS"
"NEW GLASS" is published quarterly, and written in Japanese.

Current Issue

Serial No.133 cover photo NEW GLASS
Vol.36 No.2 2021
(Serial No.133)


------- p.1

Naruhito Sawanobori

Feature Articles: From the presentation in the Web meeting - liquid phase chemistry about glass-

1) Heat Oxy-combustion and Hydrogen for glass melting: the route toward CO2 neutrality ------- p.3

Chikashi Kimura etc.

"2) nanoplat DT, new ODS material for melter" ------- p.6

Takanobu Miyashita

3) Improvement in thermal conductivity of glass: Precipitation of MgO crystal and retention of transparency ------- p.10

Nobuaki Terakado etc.

4) Design of Self-healing Layered Siloxane-Based Thin Films ------- p.13

Yoshiaki Miyamoto etc.

5) Superacid-catalyzed synthesis and properties of ionic polyhedral oligosilsesquioxanes (POSS) ------- p.16

Yoshiro Kaneko

New Glass Reserch Topics

1) Structure of permanently densified glass: characterizing order within disorder ------- p.20

Yohei Onodera etc.

2) Homogeneous coating of colloidal suspension of nanocrystals on conductive glass substrate for enhanced electrochromism ------- p.30

Yasuaki Tokudome etc.

Lectures for Newcomer and Leaders

Absolute photoluminescence quantum yield measurement of functional materials ------- p.33

Hirohiko Watanabe

Introduce Research Institute

Stay at ETH Zuerich in Switzerland ------- p.36

Shinji Kohara

Topics of Meeting on Glass

1) Report on the 31st Meeting on Glasses for Photonic ------- p.40

Naoki Kawano

2) Report on 'Annual Meeting 2021 of the Ceramic Society of Japan' ------- p.44

Masataka Takagi

Introduction of New Book

"Introduction to Glass Science and Technology (3rd Edition: 2021) (Written by James. E. Shelby of Alfred University, Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry)" ------- p.47

Masataka Takagi

Relative Organization

The 11th General Meeting 2021 Report ------- p.49

New Glass Forum


Cruise ship experience ------- p.50

Shoji Inoue