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journal "NEW GLASS"
"NEW GLASS" is published quarterly, and written in Japanese.

Current Issue

Serial No.139 cover photo NEW GLASS
Vol.38 No.2 2023
(Serial No.139)


New Glass: Always advanced materials from ancient times ------- p.1

Masayuki Arioka

Feature ArticlesĄ§ Crystallization of the glass and development of applied these days

1) Synthesis of active materials for sodium-ion batteries by glass-ceramics technology ------- p.3

Tsuyoshi Honma

2) Chemical strengthening and functionality of transparent lithium-mica glass ceramics by ion-exchange ------- p.7

Seiichi Taruta

3) Glass-ceramics for radiation measurements ------- p.11

Naoki Kawano

4) Concentration-quenching-free green and ultraviolet emissions in sol?gel-derived silica?REPO4 transparent glass-ceramics ------- p.15

Koichi Kajihara

5) Fabrication of nonlinear optical glass-ceramic fiber and its optical property: Propagation loss and optical modulation ------- p.20

Yoshihiro Takahashi etc.

New Glass Research Topics

Synthesis of silicon oxynitride glasses by nitridation ------- p.24

Hiroyo Segawa

New Glass Graduate School Lecture

Relation between compositions and properties of glasses; How compositions of commercialized glasses were fixed. ------- p.29

Yukihito Nagashima etc.

Intoroduce Research Institute

1) Stay at university of Zurich ------- p.35

Yuta Shuseki

2) Staying at Sorbonne Universite ------- p.38

Masaaki Nagao

3) Staying at Aalborg University ------- p.41

Shunta Sasaki

Topics of Meeting on Glass

Report on the Annual Meeting 2023 of the Ceramic Society of Japan ------- p.44

Ryohei Oka

History of Research Activities

Looking back on my research activities for 50 years (part 2) ------- p.48

Yoshinari Miura


Asparagus in my little back yard ------- p.53

Yoshihiro Matsuno