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journal "NEW GLASS"
"NEW GLASS" is published quarterly, and written in Japanese.

Current Issue

Serial No.137 cover photo NEW GLASS
Vol.37 No.3 2022
(Serial No.137)


Policy issues surrounding the materials industry and expectations for the New Glass Forum ------- p.1

Shinsuke Kanai

Feature Articles: From international glass age IYOG2022 special feature - IYOG memory lecture-

1) Contribution of Glass to Society ------- p.3

Naoki Sugimoto

2) Recent Progress of Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Glasses ------- p.6

Satoshi Horike

3) Innovative Potential of Glass: Ultra-thin Glass ------- p.11

Hiroki Mori

4) Application of glass technology to the development of oxide-based solid electrolytes ------- p.15

Kazuhito Ogasa

5) Development of Nanoporous Glass Devices and Application to Early Cancer Diagnosis ------- p.19

Hiroshi Yukawa

6) Fluorescence of glass containing rare earth ions ------- p.23

Naruhito Sawanobori

7) Low-temperature Catalyzed Solution-processed SiO2 for Printed Electronics ------- p.26

Qingqing Sun etc.

8) Planar lightwave circuit for visible light and wavelength coupler as an application for ultra-compact RGB light sources ------- p.33

Toshikazu Hashimoto

9) Advances in 3D printing of glass ------- p.36

Shoji Maruo

New Glass Graduate School Lecture

Relation between compositions and properties of glasses; How compositions of commercialized glasses were fixed. ------- p.40

Yukihito Nagashima etc.

Topics of Meeting on Glass

1) Report on 35th Fall Meeting of the Ceramic Society of Japan ------- p.45

Shuya Sato

2) Report on 'International Year of Glass (IYOG) 2022 memorial symposium (T5) in the 83rd JSAP Autumn meeting: New Frontiers on Glasses and Glassy States' ------- p.48

Tomokatsu Hayakawa

3) Report on 'The 83rd JSAP Autumn meeting: State 48 of the art of glass materials for solid electrolytes -2022 International Glass Year IYOG Memorial Symposium-' ------- p.51

Tsuyoshi Honma

Relative Organization

1) Report on Memorial Lecture of the 12th General Meeting of NGF ------- p.54

Atsushi Takamatsu

2) Report on the 1st grant awarding ceremony for winners of the 2022 Glass Research Promoting Program ------- p.58

New Glass Forum

History of Research Activities

------- p.60

Akio Makishima


Participation notes of the Science Festa for Youth in Osaka ------- p.65

Yoshihiro Matsuno