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"NEW GLASS" is published quarterly, and written in Japanese.

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Serial No.141 cover photo NEW GLASS
Vol.39 No.1 2024
(Serial No.141)


Shall be wise ------- p.1

Hiromitsu Kozuka

Feature Articles: Glasses to support semiconductors

1) Silica Glasses for Semiconductor Devices Manufacturing ------- p.3

Nobu Kuzuu

2) Semiconductor lithography system and synthetic silica glass ------- p.7

Mizuki Fukuyama

3) Carrier Glass for Semiconductor ------- p.12

Mitsuyoshi Takusari

4) Crystal growth of Si and Ge films on insulator substrates ------- p.16

Keisuke Arimoto

New Glass Research Topics

1) Ultra-high temperature Soret effect in a silicate melt: SiO2 migration to cold side ------- p.20

Masahiro Shimizu

2) Fabrication of amorphous silica possessing the topology of zeolite ------- p.27

Hirokazu Masai

Shinji Kohara

New Glass Graduate School Lecture

Machine Learning for Material Property Prediction ------- p.34

Motoki Shiga

Topics of Meeting on Glass

1) The 64th Symposium on Glasses and Photonic Materials ------- p.40

Kana Tomita

2) Report on the 19th symposium glass technology ------- p.43

Hiromitsu Seto

3) Report on the 62nd Symposium on Basic Science of Ceramics ------- p.46

Go Kawamura

Relative Organization

Report on the 2024 New Year Party of the Glass Industry Conference ------- p.49

New Glass Forum


Go to New Glass Forum (NGF) ------- p.54

Masataka Takagi


"Memorial to Sumio Sakka, professor emeritus of Kyoto University and Mie University" ------- p.57

Kohei Fukumi