R&D Project on Measuring and Evaluation of
Glass Melts' Properties

   Many new glasses are produced through high temperature melting/fining process and the properties of glass melts at high temperatures considerably affect the quality of final products. However, appropriate methods on measuring and evaluating glass melts' properties at high temperatures is yet to be known. In other words, establishment of appropriate methods would bring about an enormous effect on improvement of glass melting/fining process in terms of quality of final products and energy saving. From this point of view, the aforementioned project was newly launched by MITI(the Ministry of International Trade and Industry)and execution of the project was entrusted to New Glass Forum through NEDO(a semi-governmental organization)under MITI's financial support. It is a three-year plan starting in 1998. MITI is going to provide New Glass Forum with the total amount of \110million. Involved in the project are eight Japanese leading universities and nine glass manufacturing companies who are the actual players of the project in cooperation with each other.
   Another aspect of this project is that New Glass Forum aims to develop the acquired results toward international standard method of measuring and evaluating glass melts at high temperatures. Continuous close international communication with relevant foreign institutions which would have interests in this project is indispensable for New Glass Forum to reach the goal. In this regard, this project is highly international.
  Types of properties under study are as follows:

(1) Viscosity,
(2) Density,
(3) Cubical Expansion Coefficient,
(4) Surface Tension,
(5) Specific Heat,
(6) Thermal Conductivity,
(7) Electric Conductivity,
(8) Gas Solubility,
(9) Gas Diffusibility,
(10) Oxidation-reduction Potential(Redox Potential)