The national R&D project on gNanotechnology Glassh
sponsored by METI

The Nanotechnology Glass R&D Project was launched by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 2000, as a five year plan from Fy 2001, and commissioned to New Glass Forum. NGF is engaged in joint research under cooperation NGFfs member companies, government research institutes and academia. The object of the Nanotechnology Glass Project is to create objects of the nanometer size different from the matrix, that is the atomic or molecular level to the virus size level, in the amorphous material glass and thereby create glass having completely new function never before obtained from glass alone.
Specifically, use is made of femtosecond laser emission system,105 atm superhigh pressure system, plasma etching system, CVD, sputtering, and other thin film-forming system,etc.
The Nanotechnology Glass Project developed up to now may be classified as belonging to following four fields. ‡@Optical technology products such as 3D optical circuit devices expected to find application in future optical computers. ‡AProducts enabling ultra-thin plasma television, ultra-thin LCD PCs, thin returnable cups and bottles ‡BGlass products trapping endocrine disruption chemicals and separating out harmful gases ‡CGlass substrates for ultrahigh performance DNA analysis chips