Information about NEW GLASS FORUM


I. Objectives
The New Glass Forum (NGF in short) has two major objectives, as follows:
(1) to encourage high-tech glass(so-called new glass) industries and related businesses through information exchange and human contacts among the concerned parties of public and private sectors and academia through conducting undermentioned activities,
(2) to contribute to further development of industries, improvement of living standards and prosperity of international community as a whole.

II. Organizational Nature
A non-profit organization of private sector under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Economy, Terade and Industry(METI:used to be as MITI). It acts as a nucleus to achieve the above mentioned objectives.

III. Establishment

Under the guidance of Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), New Glass Forum was established in 1985 as a non-profit organization in cooperation with many leading Japanese companies in various industrial fields not only glass manufacturers but glass user companies, together with prominent professors and researchers of academia.

IV. Activities
New Glass Forum conducts various activities in order to develop new glass industries and products in the following fields:
(1) Collection and Supply of Information
(2) Technological R&D
(3) General Research and Surveys
(4) Human Resources Development(Training, etc.)
(5) Surveys on Industrial Standardization
(6) Cooperation with Related Organizations
(7) International Cooperation
(8) Construction of International Glass Database: INTERGLAD

Two major activities in recent years are shown as follows:
1)The national R&D project on the Nanotechnology Glass
2)Development of NGF's International Glass Database" INTERGLAD"
V. Financial Background
Financially supported by 39 corporate and 32associate members of glass manufacturing and glass user companies.

VI. Support from Three Sectors
Member companies, four leading members in particular, not only financially support New Glass Forum but also help staff for NGF permanently. They also positively involve or participate in various NGF's activities.
The same is true to academia. NGF enjoys a close cooperative relationship with academia and public sector's R&D institutions in terms of exchanging current information, technical support, dispatch of lecturers or coordinators for various meetings, seminars, symposia, etc.
Regarding the relationship with METI, it not only supervises NGF's activities, but also entrusts government-funded projects on general survey and R&D for execution directly or through NEDO(a semi-governmental organization) and other organizations in view of stimulating NGF's activities.
In this way, NGF has cultivated a firm background to conduct various types of activities necessary to achieve its objectives.

VII. Budget for FY2008
3.7 million us dollars, including 2.8 million us dollars for the projects entrusted by METI.

VIII. Staff Members
As of July 1st, 2008, 22 staff members work at the secretariat of NGF.
Besides, 4 researchers from member companies at NGF's Tsukuba Lab..

Profile of The New Glass Forum

Address : Nihon Glass Kougyoucenter Blddg. 3-21-16, Hyakuninnchoui, Shinjyuku-Ku, Tokyo 169-0073 Japan.(NGF moved in Feb. 2010)
Founded : July 16, 1985
Board Members (as of Jun. 4th, 2010)

President Mamoru Yamanaka (Senior Adviser , HOYA Corp..)
Vice President Masahiro Kadomatsu (Chairman of the Board , Asahi Glass Co., Ltd)
Katsuji Fujimoto (Chairman, Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.)
Tetsuji Mori (Chairrman, Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.)
Executive Director Katsuyuki Uesugi

Organization Chart
(as of Apr. 1st, 2010)

Board Meeting
Council Meeting

Number of Members (as of Apr. 1st, 2010)

Corporate (Full) Members : 33
Associate Members : 28
Academic (Special) Members : 51

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